Pay As They Stay™

Pay As They Stay™

It's no secret that the world of work is changing rapidly.

Companies scale up and down faster than ever before, people are growing careers in roles that didn't exist five years ago, and average role tenure for full-time employees continues its downward trend.

Until now, the recruitment industry hasn't kept up with the pace of change. Since the sector emerged over 50 years ago, the recruitment model has remained the same:

1. Place a candidate
2. Invoice the fee
3. Job done (and fingers crossed)

We thought it was time to rethink everything. So we've gone and turned recruitment upside down with a new way to engage for longer term success. We call it Pay As They Stay™.

This industry-first placement model supports both the hiring organisation and the new employee for a full year after placement to ensure there's been a successful match.

As an employer, you pay the recruitment fee in quarterly instalments throughout the year, instead of on day one. And if the person we've placed with you doesn't stay, you don't pay.

As an employee, we have a vested interest in your long-term success. So with your success being in our mutual interest, we offer complimentary one-on-one sessions with external professional coaches to help you nail your new job.

Our mission is to transform the recruitment experience from a risky, costly transaction to a long-term partnership where employers and employees feel equally supported.

For full information on Pay As They Stay™, simply drop us a line or give us a call.